Our way of doing business

 By working closely with our partners and vendors to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.  By employing the best people we recruit while utilizing the latest guidelines and standards in the industry.

 Data Security:

The most important aspect to our clients is data security. AST takes data security to the highest level. AST is housed in a state of the art secure facility that is controlled by CCTV, 24 hour surveillance system, and controlled digital access.We adopt the best industry leading processes for data destruction and sanitization based on NIST standards and guidelines.All our team members are subject to 7-year criminal and employment.background checks and drug screening prior to employment.

We abide by NIST 800-88 guidelines for device data sanitized on devices and equipment to, ensure that sensitive data on the devices cannot fall into the wrong hands. We stand out from others because our employees, and our management understand every aspect of the NIST 800-88 guidelines for Media Sanitization and AST comply with it.

We have pride in our process, we take no shortcuts in running our operation. We support a secured, documented, and audited process and top-notch management programs.  We fill in the gaps of your process and provide a complete life cycle support for your business.